Blue Platinum Marble Angelfish

Blue Platinum Marble Angelfish

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Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 4.7
five star (11/6/2015)
Beautiful fish. Fast shipping.
Beautiful fish, very healthy! (5/1/2015)
Will buy from again! 5 stars!
Excellent (1/14/2015)
Shipped as juvenile they grew fast and were very robust.
the body actually took on a white (not silver ) background with blue glitter on top (!) They're bodies looked amazing.
Unfortunately they were very agressive towards my other two angles. .
One thing I was amazed was that I received a male and female of each strain at such an early age those guys know how to pick sexes..
The smallest female was the most agressive untill one day she disspeared and (while still young ) and I searched whole apartment but I am sure the cat ate her!
The male was second bully and grew fast and amazing body (blue giltter on white body)
My other two were purchased from here at same time (blue panda) and I separated as they are more graceful and they have even blue sheen not at all like this type blue which is very glittery beautiful.
So I would recommend for looks alone, but they are agressive.

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