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Home Of AWARD WINNING Tony Tan (IP Discus) and the famous Philippine Blue Angelfish developed by Ken Kennedy..


NEW August 2014 Shipment from Award Winning Tony Tan

July 2014 Shipment Click here to see




  WE ARE VERY HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE CAN SHIP TO CANADA. SHIPPING IS ONLY AVAILABLE AIRPORT TO AIRPORT.  MINIMUM ORDER WOULD BE ONE FULL EXPORT BOX.  FREIGHT COSTS ABOUT $100 TO $125.00 FOR THE CARRIER AND THERE WILL BE A SMALL CHARGE OF $40-$50 WHEN YOU PICK THEM UP TO COVER CUSTOMS AND TAXES.....During check out you must select "airport to airport" for shipping.  Do not select UPS as we cannot ship into Canada with UPS.  We are working on another delivery method with Fed Ex, but too many areas are 3 day delivery.

AngelfishUSA/DiscusUSA is very pleased with the results from the 2014 NADA Discus Show this past weekend in Austin, TX, with 4 awards....

              thick_line-2nd        spotted-2nd

open-1st      open-3rdGEOFFREY