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Developed by Kenneth S. Kennedy, AngelfishUSA continues to breed and distribute the Philippine Blue Angelfish.  This is the newest gene accepted by The Angelfish Society

The Pariaba is a Phillippine Blue Angelfish that contains 2 pb (philippine blue) and 2 S (stripeless) genes.  The pb gene creates the blue and the S gene creates a blushing angelfish.

When these 2 genes are combined they produce the highly metalic blue patches on thie Beautiful Paraiba Angelfish.

We currently breed  Pinoy Paraiba (Black Blushing Blue angel), Paraiba (regular blushing blue angel),  Smokey Paraiba (Blue Smokey Blushing Angelfish) with many more variations.

This strain is always in very high demand so we now offer them in Pre-dime size.  about 5 weeks old and eating flake foods.  No need for baby brine shrimp

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