Orange Deluxe Koi Angelfish

Orange Deluxe Koi Angelfish

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10 out of 5 !
from Anonymous on 3/15/2016
Professionally packaged and shipped these Koi Angelfish are stunning in color, size and confirmation!
If you are wondering if you should buy from David Labell @ Angelfish USA wonder no more. The best Angelfish in the industry. I've said it before never settle for the rest David Labell is the Best !!!
I know I work in the industry also I'm a small breeder of Angelfish, apistogramma and Dwarf shrimp. I have tired other places to get my breeder Angelfish only to be very disappointed with the fish the wasted money and time.
Still waiting to receive this product. Its been two or three weeks
from Anonymous on 12/31/2015

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