Blue Ghost (Clown) Angelfish

Blue Ghost (Clown) Angelfish

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from Anonymous on 1/14/2015
I got these two small juveniles and recieved one of each sex!
Now I have a pair!
Tjey behave more graceful than the two blue marbles I also recieved from here and the male looks amazing.
They look silver with an even blue sheen over their bodies and the female almost always keeps her fins erect she is beautiful more than this female photo but the male grew noticeably bigger and starting to look majestic and I only had them about 4 months. .
the male is a superviel and fins are perfect.
The female has exactly same body shape as this photo.
They are simply wonderful and graceful and not agressive like the other stain I bought.
I have not fed live food only "crisps" not that they are bigger about pre breeder size.

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