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1. I found this site threw Face book and Applied a friend request to David, He talked me threw the all the steps of the fish I Ordered and even sent me pictures of the fish He picked for me. Id Recommend David and this Company hands down!! Fish came in Colored up well and swimming all over the tank. Packing was excellent fish came in with warming packets on boxing and plenty of water in the Bags which receiving several other shipments from others before Was Amazing. Great Job David and will be a lot more purchases to come
Thomas, Rienzi
2. I got 5 of the red dragon discus last July and I couldn't be more pleased. They came in alert and active and ready to eat. They have now started spawning and the size of a large saucer. Just the best discus ever! Thank you Tony Tan for giving us such beautiful fish!!! thank you David Labell for making them available.
Beckie, Missouri
3. I built 6 Altum Anglefish and 1 torquise heckle discus. All have grown and look great! I wil be a lifetime customer.
Gary, Seattle
4. I just receive my gorgeous Philippine Blue Smokey Veil and is just beyond beautiful, the color is just amazing and is very active and curious. I highly recommend angelfishusa, the team is great and my fish arrives on time, Im going to buy some Paraibas or Altums in the future. Good luck Angelfishusa and keep rocking
Speechless...., Miami, Florida
5. 3 Discus coming from east to west coast.Healthy fish , beautiful shape, and color is coming along .Highly recommend Tony Tan Discus.(plous the price is right)
6. The RED TURKS are great.
don brodt, ga
7. We ordered Angels and Discus, all came in healthy,active and BEAUTIFUL. Not only were the fish unmatched but so was the service and care in which the fish were shipped. We have ordered from several others and we can say never again. Angelfish USA is the only place to go. We will definitely order again with complete confidence.
Bill & Peg, Cranberry Twp Pa
8. I have ordered 2 different times from you. Both times discus fish. I am very happy with the fish I have received! Fish arrived packaged well and very healthy. I will definitely be ordering more from you! Thank you!!

Colette, Stapleton
9. I went to the warehouse in cooper city and all I have to say is wow. The fish tanks are the cleanest and his fish look amazing. I got a discus and an angel fish. They both have the best colors. If you need an angel or a discus I wouldn't go any where else. Thanks again.
Connor, Florida
10. Just received my 5 Discus today and WOW am i impressed. I was always skeptical about ordering discus and having them shipped in a box. I acclimated them for as long as needed and put them in the tank and they immediately were swimming around and not hiding. The colors, body shape and over all health look superb. I've been keeping discus for quite a few years now and have never had 3.5" to 4" discus of this quality. This will not be the last time i order discus from this site. David and Lisa were a huge help too with all my questions. Very much looking forward to growing these guys out in my bare bottom grow out tank and than adding them with my other discus and hopefully get some nice pairs.
Andrew, Minnesota
11. Wonderful fish! I had my 72 Gal. Bowfront tank start to break the night before the fish arrived. I called for Angelfishusa to see if they could help! Their advice and service was outstanding. All fish are alive and well living in a 120 gal tank. I am sure to order again!
Walter, Hillsborough
12. The most beautiful and HEALTY Angels I have ever had the pleasure of sharing space with-Thanks guys !! I bought dime size w/no losses. Would love to send you pictures of them now that they are 7 mths old.
Stephanie, Hinesville
13. I recieved my 3 discus and 2 angel fish on friday they were beautiful prettier than the picture. Very healthy eating right away not hidding Very Very pleased 1st time ordering fish online will definatly order from angelfishusa again:)
Sharon, Ohio
14. This is my second order of freeze dried fish food. The quality is great and the price is low. l purchased food from other sellers in the past, but this is the best.
15. We purchased mixed Tony Tan Discus and a pair of Red Dragon Discus for resale. The quality of the Discus are a credit to Tony & Jeffery Tan but the condition of the fish reflect the excellent care taken by David & Crew at Angelfish Inc. All Discus arrived in excellent condition due to professional packaging. All of the Discus ate 2 hours after being acclimated to their new tank. Outstanding!
Mountain State Angel & Discus, Barboursville, West Virginia
16. This will by Fourth Order best discus ever best customer service Grade AAA discus Thanks Buddy you cant go wrong with David hands down
Carlos from EP Texas, United States
17. I never ordered online before so I was a bit worried but all that vanished once I received the fish in the mail. They were absolutely STUNNING. I ordered juveniles and I swear they must have sent me medium fish cause they were pretty big. Every single one was beautiful and lively once in the aquarium and not aggressive at all. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to order from here, and have no worries, the fish will be better than you would ever dream. Also, they are very quick to respond to any problems and fully refunded a fish I received with a damaged fin (Otherwise the fish was healthy and very pretty).
Mira, North Carolina
18. I never ordered online before so I was a bit worried but all that vanished once I received the fish in the mail. They were absolutely STUNNING. I ordered juveniles and I swear they must have sent me medium fish cause they were pretty big. Every single one was beautiful and lively once in the aquarium and not aggressive at all. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to order from here, and have no worries, the fish will be better than you would ever dream. Also, they are very quick to respond to any problems and fully refunded a fish I received with a damaged fin (Otherwise the fish was healthy and very pretty).
Mira, North Carolina
19. I ordered discus fish and angels for the first time online. David walked me through the process and I ordered my prize discus. All fish arrived ontime and healthy. David has also continued to answer my questions about discus and angel fish, I feel blessed to have found this website.
Andrew Cornell, New York
20. I have made two purchases from angelfishusa and each time I have received some of the most beautiful discus fish you can imagine! David was extremely helpful and punctual with his responses. Fishheads listen close! Don't bother buying from anyone other than angelfishusa. If you are looking for beautiful, healthy fish for your tank at a reasonable price, then look no further. The shipping was very impressive and so was the professionalism. Almost as impressive as these beautiful discus! Thanks again David.
Adam, Indiana
21. Angelfishusa IS a must order for angels ! They have the best customer care and respond time to any questions you may have. The fish you recieve are just absolutly AMAZING! I have no regrets and will definatly purchase more in the future. A+
Tom , Wisconsin
22. The fish arrived safely and from the beginning were active healthy and good eaters. The red angelfish are beautiful and so special in the tank. The plants were also lush, deep green and strong appearing. It is satisyffying deaaling with a first raate business. John Farmer
John, PA
23. David worked with me for weeks via e-mail to find the perfect angelfish for my tank. I ended up purchasing a Pre-Breeder Blue Smokey Angelfish. David was even kind enough to set the bluest one aside for me while I was still preparing my tank for its arrival. The fish arrived healthy and even more beautiful than I expected. The little guy is now living happily with the rest of my community fish. VERY PLEASED!
Gage, Washington
24. Outstanding! Fantastic selection, beautiful fish, owner is very knowledgable and helpful - a pleasure to do business with! Highly recommended.
robin, South Florida
25. I would like to thank the whole gang at Angelfish USA for sending me my 2 Angel fishes fast & safe. Im goin to recomend this website to all of my friends. Thanks again & God Bless you'all.
Richard, Sanford
26. Thanks fish look great . Exactly what i was looking for. Plus extra . You got a customer for life.
christopher , memphis
27. Thank you so much for the most awesome customer service. With a storm approaching South Florida you made sure we got our fish home safely and healthy. Beautiful Angels and Plecos. Thank you David and Lisa you are the best!
Wendy and Mark P., Sunrise, Florida
28. My Pinoys arrived both health and beautiful, they are wonderful fish I can't wait until I can order more from this company Defently worth it
Dan, Grand Forks, ND
29. Bought 6-Young Tony Tan Discus. 3-Blue Diamond ,3-Leopard Snakeskin and they turned out excellant,in color and shape and size. Had one DOA and They Refunded with out any problems. Will order again, Dan
Dan, Colorado
30. Got my second shipment from David (Angelfish usa) today. I'm really happy with the fish and customer service. I'm sure I will be buying from you again soon.
pete, st augustine
31. I purchased Angel Fish over 2 years ago with them shipping all the way to the Calif Redwoods. They arrived healthy, happy and are STILL living!!! (Not to mention gorgoeous)
Rita, Crescent City
32. I ordered my angelfish, they came a few Weeks ago. I can't tell you how much I enjoy them, they are so healthy and doing great!!! Beautiful!!! Thanks Dave for all your help and advice!!
jill, ohio
33. Purchased 6 Phillipine Blue's and had a slight problem getting them to eat. After extensive coaching from your friendly staff, I have everything under control. I wasn't feeding the flakes correctly and my water needed some work. Looking forward to dealing with Angelfish USA in the future. Great fish!!
Mike Pollutro, USA
34. Thank-you Angelfish USA. The quality of your angelfish is outstanding. My word's to anyone wanting to buy quality fish, you have come to the right place.
Jan, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Janice, Klamath Falls
35. I've ordered twice and both times the fish arrived happy and healthy. As soon as I put them in the tank after acclimating them they automatically started exploring the tank. Once I turned the lights on the first time there were right up at the front of the tank. They are both energetic and curious. I can't wait to see how they all mature.
Tara, Chambersburg, PA
36. I bought 6 small discus three weeks ago, and putting in with my other big discus and they're doing great.Eating likes little pigs which is to me, a great sign. I have seen, how they raise them. I am very inpressed I will be buying more fish from this farm. Quality, quality quality
Mario, Miami Lakes
37. Thank you so much for the "Bonus" fish, the Blue Smokey!
I used your Drip Acclimation procedure, and all went well.
I didn't expect these fish to be expressing Blue or Pearlscale at this young age, but several are!
The Blue Zebras are VERY nice, and at half dollar size as well!
The Pinoys have beautiful body shape and finnage, and I can see a hint of blue on them already.
I had shown my wife, Carrie, pictures of Smokeys and Paraibas, and she didn't like them. But lo and behold, I think her favorite fish is the Blue Smokey you included. She asked me if she could name him :-) Thank you for the great fish, they seem to have settled right in, and are inquisitive, and outgoing.

Mark, Spring Creek, NV
38. Just got my 2 PB Angles today. Even though it's winter here and cold my fish came very well packaged and seemed healthy. I was a little nervous at first when I saw how big they were (I ordered juveniles)and the two Angles I have are dime size. Yours are much larger, but they get along just great! They are also beautiful and one especially is showing a lot of pearlscales. Both are showing some blue as well. I am going to enjoy watching them grow. Thank you once again.
Charlotte, Milton-Freewater
39. This was my second 'live' fish order from Angelfish USA. Just like the first, my order arrived on time, professionally packaged and fully of vibrant, healthy fish. Thanks guys!!
Paul, Douglasville
40. I delberately ordered extra fish, as this was the first time that I went straight to a breeder and I was used to losing a few when buying from a pet shop. I bought an additional tank yesterday. The one extra was unfortunately DOA, but the remaining fish are not only living, but thriving and growing at an incredible rate! I ordered dime-sized juveniles, and received 2 that size and 10 quarter sized. Two weeks later, the original dime-sized are now quarter-size and the rest are close to the half-dollar mark. They are all expressing blue, and most express pearlscale as well. They are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much!
Thrilled Customer, Alabama
41. I purchased 8 Koi about 2 months ago and received 9 beauties ( one being pretty small).
All are growing and happy in a 90 Gal. community tank. I highly recommend Angel Fish USA and will order again.
Suzanne W.
Daytona Beach

Another Happy Customer, Florida
42. We are thrilled with our purchase of 4 medium Philippine Blue angels! They were very well packaged, were large-sized, and were fully drip-acclimated within 90 minutes.

David and Lisa have answered every email, which makes us feel that they really care.

We will definitely order from AngelfishUSA again!

Mike and Tammy

Mike and Tammy, Glendale, AZ
43. My angels arrived in very healthy condition with big clear eyes peeping at me when I opened the box in a dimly lit room. Now, almost six months later, they have developed into extremely healthy, lively, and most of all, stunning specimens.
David, Marquette
44. I,ve ordered twice and I,ve got to say, they have the best and healthest stock. Everything arrives fast and in great shape! i,m waiting to order again.
frank, crystal river
45. So very pleased with the quality and size of PB angelfish. Although, one had an injury, David has kept communication with me about this particular fish. Unfortunately, I lost the fish yesterday, but David said he would issue a credit to me for the loss. Great folks to order from. This will be the only place I order fish from in the future!
Sara, Florida
46. Thanks David and Lisa! I was apprehensive of ordering via the internet, and boy am I glad I did. These angels, are the best quality, and healthiest fish I have ever purchased from any local pet store.
The blue angels, as youngsters are already gorgeous, and I am looking forward to seeing them as they grow!!! Acclimation was easy, and all of these guys are doing great! Thanks again, for my first great experience buying fish via the internet.

gary, eugene
47. The sponge filters from angelfish usa are the best. I have over 40 tanks running and i am now switching all to these filters. You can't beat the price, when they are half the cost of others, and do a better job. No air stone needed like others. Thanks again will be ordering more.
Bill, Mechanicsburg, PA
48. I bought the pea size blue baby angels last october, I sold most of them but kept one and it turned out to be a female. I had a big gold/black striped male that had lost his mate last year but the blue female managed to pair up with him and they are now the proud parents of around 2 to 3 hundred new babies.The quality of these fish is amazing and i would recomend them to anyone!
Rebekah, Wisconsin
49. Just recieved my order the fish arrived live and very healthy... They are a great addition to my aquarium... I will order again from you customer service was fantastic.. Will recommend you to all I know who has an aquarium...Keep up the good work!! Can't wait to see the Angels gtow and show their fantastic color...Thx Michael Parillo
Michael J., Melrose
50. All the Discus fish sent were amazing and very accurate as per description. They were shipped properly with care and so acclimated very well. Strive for excellence and definitely recommended for any Discus buyers.
Thanks David

AAA, Toronto
51. I received my angelfish a month ago and they are all doing wonderful. Thriving and growing. They arrived in great condition and were packed well. Thanks Angelfish USA for the beautiful fish. There were no disappointments.
Lori, Florida
52. I recieved my discus today. They are very healthy, vibrant and beautiful. I was very concerned about the shipping. I was rude and had to apologize.HA HA They have the most unusual bags which are top notch in the industry and my fish arrived in the best condition you could ask for.I am so very pleased. If you have any doubts....PLEASE give them an opportunity to serve you. You won't be disappointed. Thanks Paula
Paula, Mississippi
53. Just received my Blue Zebras today & they are STUNNING! I can't believe how blue they are already & with pearlscales! I only wish I had more room, so I could order more. Hopefully soon! Thanks for the truly beautiful angelfish!
P.S. My platinums I ordered from you earlier are also beautiful and healthy too! I highly recommend your angels!

Barbara, Chicago, IL
54. This was my first time ordering fish through the mail. Both David and Lisa were very helpful and walked me through every step. I emailed constantly before my order and they answered all of my questions quickly. The fish arrived in great condition, they look better than any fish at a pet store. I also received extra fish!! I will definitely order again. Thanks David and Lisa for all of your help!! Thanks Angelfish USA.

We're happy if you are!

Melanie-very happy customer, Ephrata, PA
55. This was my first order and all I can say is "Top Notch Customer service" that was above my expectations. The Fish are Great and Very Healthy. I got them in yesterday morning and waited till today to feed. My order was not a large dollar amount, but the customer service and communication was what I would expect with someone that spend 2,000.00 I will be buying more fish as soon as I have room. Thanks David and Lisa!!

Love to keep our customers happy!

Dennis B

Dennis B, Clinton
56. This was my first internet order for fish and everything went perfect. I purchased juvenile angel's and was plesently surprised buy the size. The Philippine Blues are beautiful and very healthy! They interacted with my other angels immediately.
John, Wisconsin-Go-Pack!
57. I received my order this am. The fish were packed very good. They looked excellent and they acclimated very well.
This is my first order and I will order again.

John, Fairview Heights
58. Excellent e-mail Communication, before and after the sale. Healthy juvinile fish and grew strong color many months later.
Jacob, Mt. Pleasant
59. I am very pleased with the entire experience I've had with Angelfish USA. They were incredibly fast in responding to questions, and eager to accommodate requests. The fish are amazing! Exactly as promised. I can't wait to order from here again!
Dori, Pineville, LA
60. OK, so after all of the years of trying to pick out the healthy fish, that are swimming in tanks with sick fish........Well all I can say is bravo. Bravo to Angelfishusa. It couldnt hurt so I placed an order for twice as many fish as I wanted. My thought was if even half survived, I was doing good. Who would have known, every single fish that your company sent is alive and doing well. (A great excuse to start another tank.) When I first opened the box it was obvious someone knew what they were doing. Also every single fish was in awsome condition. It reminded me of when my dad and I went to the aquarium store and bought fish for my first tank. The owner was there every single time we went. He was there for twenty years. Once he was gone the store went down hill. The past twenty years have been a shell of what my memories held. Store after store of half dead fish. Dirty tanks. No live worms to feed my fish. Well let me stop going down memory lane. Just know that your company has restored my passion for beautifull angelfish. Thankyou. Rudy

A very happy customer, USA
61. I ordered baby Philippine angelfishes a few weeks ago & they are thriving in my tank. Excellent customer service & fast shipping. I am hoping to order fishes from Angelfish USA in the future.
Marvin, Concord, CA
62. I had real reservations about ordering fish sight unseen over the internet. However after speaking with angelfish USA and telling them what I wanted I felt confident that I would revive fish that I would be happy with. Upon receiving my Angel fish I was blown away with how healthy and beautiful they are. Angelfish USA quality is far superior to any local fish store around me and there customer service is truly outstanding. I will be ordering again soon. Thanks Angelfish USA.

John, Liberty Township OH
63. I was a bit worried about ordering fish online but I'm so glad I did ! my fish are beautiful and healthy.They look so much better than the ones in the chain stores .
Sherri, Rock Hill
64. I got my angelfish last week and am really glad I did. They are beautiful, healthy and bigger than I thought they would be. Great service!!!
Susan, Noblesville
65. Friendly and excellent service. They really have a passion for raising angels and it shows! The angels are beautiful and alert. Hope to buy from them soon!
Yudho, Newport Beach, CA
66. This is my second order, and I am as pleased as ever. The quality and beauty of these fish is unmatched. The Pinoys of course are beautiful, but so healthy. This time I thought I would add some neons to my order. They were large and very healthy. Angelfishusa is the best. I hope to order some Discus in the future.
A Very Happy Customer, Michigan
67. I have been very impressed with the quality of the Angelfish I recieved. They came very healthy and hardy, probably the healthiest I have seen. All very alert and playful! Highly Recommended!
Bryan, Florida
68. I am so happy I ordered from Angelfish USA. The fish arrived in excellent condition! They are beautiful! They have been in their tank for the last 5 days and they are doing great! I will definitely order from Angelfish USA again.
Edwin , Rio Rancho
69. I was concerned about buying fish through the mail. The fish I received were amazing, they were beautiful and the healthiest well adjusted fish I have purchased anywhere. I also purchased the Angelfish flake food and Brine Shrimp flakes, they seem very fresh and a good quality. I usually feed frozen food to my fish, but I really like the convenience of flakes. The communication and support from David has been great. I am looking forward to making another purchase soon.
Vivian, Warren
70. As a skeptical first time buyer, I was pleasantly surprised with the professional attitude and efficent service of AngelfishUSA. I love my new angelfish, they've been living happily in my tank for three weeks. Thank you for the great experience!
Amy, Ohio
71. I have ordered two or three times & each time you are suprised with quantity $ quality. They take pride in their business & their fish.You can't go wrong ordering from them. Great people to deal with. Matt
matt, south carolina
72. I have ordered twice and both times have received healthy, well-packaged fish (plus one or two extra) showing no signs of stress from the trip. Afterwards, David has responded promptly to any questions I emailed to him. He went to special lengths to make recommendations from hs stock and fill my order with exactly what I wanted even though it did not exactly meet any of the offered listings. They have been a pleasure to deal with in every way!
Fred, North Carolina
73. I just received my angels today. They are all alert, healthy and beautiful. Shipping and communication were excellent. Buy from Angelfish USA!!!
Paige, Kennewick, WA
74. I've ordered so many times and each and every time they are more than what I expected. Your Philippine Blues are the geatest! Thanks for taking pride into what you do.

A Very Happy Customer, Ohio
75. I've purchased angelfish twice from Angelfishusa and both times was great! Fish arrived healthy and hungry.
Robin, Maine