We ship all of our fish in Styrofoam insulated boxes. The fish are packed in plastic bags with oxygen and we add "bag buddies" (it helps calm the fish). When the weather is cold we add heat packs so that the inside of the box stays warm enough not to stress the fish. They are all shipped out via UPS NEXT DAY and delivered right to your door! A lot of people can't understand how you can ship live fish. Remember, most of the fish that you purchase from a pet store were imported from other countries and spent 2 to 4 days in transit to the "jobber" who then acclimates the fish and resells them to the pet shops. When you purchase fish from Discus USA you are purchasing quality angelfish that were raised by us here in the USA and shipped directly to you, no middle man or "jobber" involved. Our Discus arrive and are in Quarantine for two weeks so we can monitor their health and give them a resting period. The fish are much less stressed than most of the fish that you would purchase at a pet shop plus they are lovingly raised by us.

2. Guidelines for estimating Overnight Expedited Shipping Charges:

Fish size: Generally we can safety ship 3 to 4 fish that are 2 ½”-3” in a small box. All Fish are packed in Styrofoam boxes with heat packs depending on the weather temperature.

NOTE: To insure healthy transportation, a period of at least 24 hours is needed to keep your fish from eating. This keeps the fish from accumulating waste products from “Going to the Bathroom” in the bag and keeping the water clean!

Rates are as follows;

$49.95 (Small Box)

$69.95 (Medium Box)

$119.95 (Large Box)

$20.00 (Florida Only)

$149.95 (Canada, most locations)


Please plan your expected shipping cost after you have chosen your fish, you may refer to this chart by clicking here