About us

About us

About us

About me and why I decided to do this!

I have always had interest in Tropical fish. My fist fish tank, a 10 gallon tank, was bought for me by my mother with "S & H GREEN STAMPS" Okay, now you know how old I am! I started out with just 2 guppies and when they bred I was amazed and excited. Of course, it couldn't stop there. I had to have more and more and more. When I was 13 I started breeding Angelfish. I took my parents garage, half of it, and found used tanks and whatever else I could afford and set up my own angelfish breeding room. I'm not sure but, I think I had about 30 tanks and 3 kiddie pools... I made this a successful business while I went to school and, I loved it! I got a job at a fish store part time and then they got me a job at a fish farm. Of course, I was more interested in breeding fish than just going to the ponds and pulling orders. So, I was involved with the Angelfish Breeding program, zebra danio breeding program and even Siamese fighting fish, Beta's. I LOVED IT! I COULDNT' GET ENOUGH! But, the farm closed down shortly after I worked there and it was back to the store that was just barely making it. A few months later I received a call from the owner of the fish farm telling me there was opening at a retail/wholesale store. I couldn't get there fast enough! I took the job without even knowing how much I would be paid and felt like a kid in a candy store! I already had my girlfriend back then, now my wife (Lisa) and we knew we would be married one day. I stayed there but times were hard and eventually I had to go to college, find a real job and, prepare for the next chapter of my life. My fish dream was over! Of course, I always had something around to remind me of them. Not going into my personal life too much.....don't want to bore you.... I started to get that "itch” again.I tried Discus, saltwater fish, anything to stay in the fish scene. I decided I really loved Discus! But, back then it wasn't easy. I met Jack Wattley, and bought his discus. I failed! It was the first time I ever failed in anything. I was devastated and almost gave up. However, about 15 years ago, maybe 20, I met a discus breeder in Sarasota who taught me everything. All his secrets were safe with me and I gave it a try, once again, in my garage. IT WORKED! I could breed Discus but, I had no time to sell them. I had an executive position at a rather large company and I had to make a decision. Stay with the fish, and not be able to provide for my family or, concentrate on my job and make a nice living! Well, the fish were gone! I did keep one tank though! I could never get fish out of my mind. I travel to Asia for my job and always find time to visit a fish store. Whether it be in China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, or anywhere else. My dream never went away.... During my travels, I made a lot of friends. I've always believed if you take care of your friends, they will be there for you… Well, IT PAID OFF! 3 years ago I had to try it one last time. It was my dream, and I'm getting older now! I had to try it or I would have felt I wasted my life. I opened ANGELFISHUSA, Inc. WOW, there was internet now. It was easy to sell on line. I had great Angelfish and all our customers were happy. If anyone was unhappy we took care of them right away. I wasn't in it for the money… I just wanted to provide a great product that people could love and afford. I am currently in the process of signing a lease for a large warehouse and retail store front. My dream is becoming a reality and it couldn't have happened without my friends that I have made in my travels AND ESPECIALLY MY WIFE AND FAMILY WHO ARE GOING TO THE OWNERS OF THEIR NEW COMPANY, ANGELFISH USA, INC. It is their company to grow with and of course I am 100% involved! We will expand into Discus, Catfish, and whatever they want to add! But ALWAYS specialize in Angelfish.

A special thanks to you, my customers and.

Mike Achenbach - from (he basically wrote this website for me without asking for a penny!)

The guys and girls at: (what a great place to meet people that love Angelfish!)

Ken Kennedy.... He developed the Philippine Blue Angelfish. He helped me from the very 1st day I found him and, he never took any credit for this. Without Ken, I don't think I would have made the decision to really expand my business.

All my Chinese friends that have always been there for me... There really are too many to name! They know who they are. There is one person, he designed my logo. I always considered him a friend but, because of a language or culture difference he thought that I did something bad to him. So to Jesse, you were always a friend of mine and I still do not know what happened. I really want to know what you think I did and let me figure out where I went wrong. This is very sincere.

Jinen Viswakula... The owner of He opened my eyes to some things and has helped me with free advertising and anything he could help me with.

I have to include everyone at Triarch International, Inc. and everyone associated with this company, from our salespeople to our customers. I am Vice President of this company and, the employees and owners of this company are my family. They let me control this company for the past 10 years. The success or failure of Triarch is my responsibility and, I will remain involved with this company for as long as I physically can. They know it and I'll be in on a daily basis if needed, maybe…. THANK YOU GUYS!

But, most of all, my wife Lisa. She has always stood behind me no matter what. She works like a slave for my dream, the fish room. It's not easy but, she does it and just as good as I can. I have to be careful though, she can get a "big head"! Lisa, I truly love you.

And of course, her family. They have always believed in me. They would do anything to help me. From Lisa's brothers, parents, and cousins! It's a big family, which I never had, and they are a close family! THANK YOU GUYS, FOR LETTIMG ME HAVE MY DREAM!! YOU ARE ALL CRAZY!